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Previous Projects :

The observer of the previous and current projects carried out by Al-Habib Company will notice the increasing development and the accompanied modernization besides the carefulness which is built on trust, credibility, and honesty in executing these projects which were carried out so accurately as to confirm the company pioneering role and ability to compete depending on its glorious history, extensive experiences, and job professionals who crave hardworking and superiority.


Al-Habib Company has done a lot of projects. They are shown here according to anteriority.


 Previous Projects:

These projects were characterized by architectural thought and view that suit all places and times. When designing these projects consideration was given to future development of the real estate sector particularly and other sectors related to human life and progress. So we find that all previous company projects still keep their splendor and commercial reputation up to the present day. These projects are:



Makkah Markets

This center is regarded as the first integrated commercial center Kingdomwide. It is characterized with its strategic location on King Fahad Road, one of the liveliest roads and most important modern sights of the capital city.

The project was inaugurated in 1405H with a cost of SR 90,000,000 and a total area of 6,000 m2. It consists of 160 commercial shops, 64 offices, and a parking area for 280 car.

The Saudi Business Center

It was designed according to international technical specifications with an investment amount of SR 113,000,000 and an area of 5,012 m2. It is composed of 15 storeys in addition to 3 basement levels allocated for parking for 394 cars.

Bab Sharif

It represents the commercial vivid mainstay of that area because of its numerous commercial and services shops and the variety of services it offers to visitors, and most importantly, the center is situated in a distinguished location at the crossroads of main streets in the center of Jeddah.

Due to its exquisite engineering designs and the concern for providing the best services for visitors and clients and exhibition styles, the center has become a distinctive feature of Jeddah city.

The center was constructed in the year 1417H with a cost of SR 110,000,000 and an area of 46,840 m2. It consists of 164 commercial shops, 152 offices, 9 stores , and a parking lot for 272 cars. The center is one of the cultural features that form the modern history of Jeddah.


Al-Andalus Center, Riyadh

Al-Andalus Center is regarded as an attractive architectural masterpiece and a precious jewel for architectural investment. It reflects the foresight of Al-Habib Company in providing the best engineering designs that surpass typicality to distinction and innovation in offering everything new in the real estate domain on the development, investment, and construction levels.

 The work on this center began in the year 1414H with a cost of SR 87,000,000. It is located on Olayya Main Road which is one of the major business areas in Riyadh and visited by most shoppers due to its diversified commercial centers. The center area is 28,000 m2 and includes 308 shops, 110 offices, a big mosque, and a basement area of 12,100 m2 allocated for car parking.

Taiba Markets

This center is regarded as an integral part of the old and new history of Riyadh due to its old fame and architectural style which is adopted from the environment of the Arabian Peninsula. It is also a main shopping center for the residents of Riyadh for its various shops which display the best famous international brands. Because of its distinguished location in a highly populated area, it witnesses big purchasing business.

 The center is located in Olayya District on King Fahad Road and constructed in 1405H with a cost of SR 170,000,000 and an area of 112,000 m2. It includes 480 shops with a parking lot for more than 1,200 cars around it.

Al-Rajhi Commercial Center

The center is a special move in the field of real estate investment and development. It was constructed according to the latest engineering and architectural specifications so as to keep pace with the increasing development in the real estate sector, the largely growing business under globalization, and the worldwide firms supplying their products abundantly.

On these bases, the center fulfilled many investment and service goals for the investor and society at the same time depending on its strategic location on the important commercial Street of Al-Bathaa in the center of Riyadh. The project cost is SR 50,000,000 with an area of 7,000 m2 and 158 commercial shops.

Al-Khuzama Towers

This residential complex is a magnificent architectural masterwork which has unveiled the engineering and architectural thought adopted by Al-Habib company in executing its projects and the continuous modernization of its engineering designs to keep up with the universal development in all aspects of life.

It was taken into account to execute this project with the highest architectural and residential specifications that appreciate human nature and provide the human needs in an easy, entertaining, and relaxing way, especially because it overlooks the Red Sea beach.

This location on the ocean also gave the complex a unique feature that contributed to make these towers a wonderful picture swaying in the sea waves forming unforgettable period of ones life.

The complex is composed of 4 residential towers with a cost of SR 120,000,000. The construction works began in the year 1416H.

Makkah Towers Center

It is located in Ajiad area in the holy city of Makkah with an area of 40,000 m2. It consists of 12 storeys containing 168 residential apartments in addition to two ground floors for car parking. The investment cost is SR 160,000,000. The company began construction in the year 1414H.

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