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  Spring campaign in Al-Manar Mall

On home leave school mid-year 1431 H, which began on 26/02/1431 AH 10/02/2010 The Department of Al-Manar Mall in the Medina to the implementation of its promotional campaign "spring campaign" the first of its kind in the Center under the theme (shopping by 300 riyals and Win $ 50 voucher SR), which lasted over ten days from the beginning of the leave.
Has provided an opportunity for a large segment of the population of the Medina to come to Al-Al-Manar Mall after it has been advertised continuously in a stronger local newspapers to reach all business sectors, government departments and houses in the area and its suburbs, and electronic screens during the period, and ended the campaign in 20/02/2010 and all groups within and outside the Center of the tenants and shoppers have expressed their admiration and full support for this type of campaigns that have supported the center and inside, and a large segment of the various inhabitants of the area, and wish to repeat once again better organized.


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